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the student is not me

I am sitting in the coffee shop Angel-in-Us in Daegu, South Korea. A little over a year ago I was sitting in a coffee shop, Espresso Royal, in Ann Arbor, Michigan doing the same thing I am today—commenting on/responding to student work. Today I am commenting on student responses to questions regarding their in-class research in an on-line forum (these students are in Mississauga, Ontario), last year, most likely I was responding to reflections on teaching.

The coffee shop experience is the same, my laptop is the same, the students are moving towards the same overall goal of improving their teaching. And I find myself wondering, have I improved my teaching? More specifically, are my responses germane to each student as an individual and their learning or am I guiding them to what I want them to learn? Have I stepped back enough or am I too far away?

At least I am sure that ordering the sandwich without mayonnaise was the right choice.